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  • Tools and resources to help families who may be seeking a California summer camp for the first time.

  • Hands-on promotion of your California camp to schools and youth groups, in the media, at camp fairs and more. is intuitive. Finally, families specifically looking for a camp in Colorado can easily find their ideal camp. 

Your camp will be listed on the specific camp category page(s) based on the type of camp you operate.

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Your Prime listing begins with a 40-word introduction describing your camp. Featured on up to 5 camp categories, this 40-word description of your camp will link directly to your camp’s unique page: up to 400 words describing your camp, 4 images, list of camp activities, 5 links to your camp website and an employment link. Also in-person marketing.

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Your Enhanced listing begins with a 40-word introduction describing your camp. Featured in 2 camp categories, this 40-word description of your camp will link to your camp's unique page: an additional 150-word camp description, 2 images, and 2 links to your camp website. 

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This is a sample Basic listing. Featured in 1 camp category with up to forty words describing your camp and 1 link to camp website. For a longer description, camp images, website links and additional promotion, consider a Prime listing. We look forward to working with you to promote your California summer camp.

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Have more than one camp? Additional camps from the same organization receive additional Prime listings for only $199 or additional Enhanced listings for only $149. After submitting your first listing, please contact us for details on listing additional camps.

Camp listings support scholarships for families needing financial assistance to experience the magic of camp. 


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